An exceptional “terroir”:


  • alignment in terraces
  • altitude of 100m
  • over century-old olive trees
  • south/south-west orientation facing the Adriatic
  • seven distinct local olive cultivars

The olive field's south/south-western orientation gives ideal exposure to sunlight. The century-old terraces allow for an extended period of sun-exposure to the tree's crown and facilitate irrigation. Planted on volcanic rock soil, the ancient olive trees bear fruits exclusively used for olive oil extraction. The agriculture is 100% organic.
All these elements create the potential for Olivania olive oil's aroma to be particularly round and complex.

Realising this potential implies particular attention being paid to the olive tree and its fruit. From the periodic pruning, to the irrigation during the “oleogenesis” (July-September, the period during which the olive generates its oil), the list of tasks is long.

Yet, the days of harvest are the most important. Choosing the ideal moment, hand-picking the olives and ensuring immediate oil extraction all combine to give a genuinely extra virgin olive oil.

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